As you girls suffer during the pandemic, billionaires are cashing in!

I read this article, and i think we all need a to change our mindset! Especially us girls!

As we cry down here of Biden's Tax plan and whether it is meant to benefit the poor or not, billionaires are becoming even wealthier! 

Jeff Bezos is now $73 billion wealthier now compared to the same period last year!! How come? How is this even possible? 

The pandemic has benefited some directly. For instance, Amazon was one of the few US businesses that grew tenfold when the pandemic hit. Since we were all locked up at home and avoided the physical shops. 

Online based businesses and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Tesla, Microsoft, Samsung boomed during the peak of the pandemic therefore contributing more to the respective founders, who are, guess what, billionaires!

Time for a reality check and change of tacts!

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True, you are right. The pandemic has just made the rich grow richer! But again it is a lesson to all of us. We need to consider online businesses. Or some investment that is future proof! Most of the brick and mortar businesses may not come back to normal post-pandemic. 

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