50 Cent on Bidens Tax Plan

Hey Ladies,

What is your take on Biden's Tax Plan? Do you agree with 50Cent's point of view? 


Is that reason enough to vote Trump back?


Well, Biden's Tax plan will only increase taxes on those earning over $400,000. That is is a small portion of Americans.

His strategy is to tax the wealthy, provide relief for working class and middle class, and collect funds to invest in major projects and services that will in turn help all Americans. I think it is a smart idea. I support it. 

The wealthy have in the past few years amassed a lot will the average America struggled to survive. This will not affect the rich so much, they will still remain rich regardless. 

About the Super rich "Bankrupt 50 cents", i doubt his sincerity in this issue. He should not pretend that he is speaking for the average American! 

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Sure Charmaine Banks I get your point. But the only challenge is, any increase in taxes will slacken economic development.

Also, considering that Federal taxes are paid by only 53% of Americans. The remaining 47% are riding on them. 

Plus how many super-rich people do we have? I think they make a very small percentage of the population even if they contribute a great percentage in taxes. 

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Nicely said! There is about 6-7% of Americans in the $400k and up club!

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