Tax Team Tammie of The LLC and INC Company

Hey Boss Chicks!

I’m so excited to share this space with you! I’m Tammie M. of Tax Tea with Tammie and CEO of The LLC and INC Company. 

Tax Tea with Tammie is my space where I spill all the tea on the IRS, Taxes and Fraud check me out @taxteatammie on IG.

The LLC and INC Company is a Business Formation Service aka The Black Female Legal If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with a LLC or INC please check is out @thellcandinccompany on IG.

I’m thankful to be a featured Professor here at Boss Chicks Academy and look forward to attending other classes as well!


Be Bossy!


Tammie M.


Hey Tammie, happy to share this space with you too. I have just checked out your IG and love it. Looking forward to your tax tips here. 

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Hello Tammie happy for you. You deserved it. You are doing an amazing job. Glad to have you here. Madam professor. 

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