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Expenses Tax Claim

Hi ladies, what expenses can one claim if you are self-employed?

I have been freelancing since the pandemic hit, and am considering doing it full time. But wondering what i can claim?

50 Cent on Bidens Tax Plan

Hey Ladies,

What is your take on Biden's Tax Plan? Do you agree with 50Cent's point of view?

Is that reason enough to vote Trump back?

New ride tax concern.

Assuming you are buying a new car, is the sales tax based on the base cost or on car's MSRP?

Again, is the sales tax the same even if a discount is offered?

How to assess for car allowance?

Ladies. How do you work out assessment for car allowance? 

I am paid a monthly vehicle allowance which is taxed in my salary. I have a company fuel card, but the vehicle is mine. Should we assess using mileage or vehicle engine size? 

Plus i thought it shouldn't be taxed!