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How do you manage your time while working at home?

I find it extremely hard to juggle between noisy kids and achieving my daily goals. I have even subscribed to Brain Fm sound thing to help me stay focused on my tasks. But it doesn't seem to work. I just get distracted and drift away! Only to find that my deadline is fast approaching! 

How do you manage your time amidst the noisy household?

Which online business makes sense now?

Girls, i know the pandemic has pushed most of us to consider online business. But with the noisy internet, it is pretty hard to find one online hustle (side or main ) that will earn you decent income. 

Which hustle are you into? How is it going? Is it future proof (as in will it still be viable post-pandemic?)

Is it necessary to start a new LLC?

Hey divas,

Our business is registered as a retail. We look to grow into a clearing and forwarding business.

Do we have to forma new LLC because the vision of the new company is different or can we just use a DBA for the current LLC?